Exhibitor FAQ

How can I make sure I receive as much exposure as possible?
Do I receive an attendees list for pre-show marketing or a final attendees list for post-show marketing?
How does my "Virtual Booth" benefit me?
Booth Pricing
How can I find out the price of a particular booth?
Exhibitor Service Center
What is the Exhibitor Service Center (ESC), and how does it benefit me?
What is Lead Retrieval, and why do I need it?
Who are the attendees? What areas of the market do they represent? What is their decision making power?
What other types of companies exhibit?
I would like to be a speaker at the annual conference, how can I get on the schedule?
I'm a potential new vendor and I want to walk the IPI show this year to make decisions about exhibiting next year. Is there a fee for this?
What is the cancellation policy?
We would like to hold a special customer event. What is the IPI's policy on this?
Reservation Information
What is a good estimate of my overall expense if I were to be an exhibitor?
How can I save money as an exhibitor?
How can I reserve my space?
What are the set up hours and days and dismantle hours and days?
What are the show hours?
What''s Included
How many booth staff badges do I receive? Is there a charge for additional badges?
What's Included
Does my booth include signage? Pipe and drape? Carpet?
What is included with my booth fees?

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