Edu-tainment Sessions

Studies prove that our brains naturally start to hit a slump in the afternoon.  We've got just the session to wake you up and reinvigorate you for the rest of the afternoon sessions. 

Join our Edu-tainment session (IGNITE) where presenters will share their real-life experiences and lessons learned in a fun, rapid-fire format.  With five minutes and 20 slides each, seven presenters will share with you their words of wisdom and information nuggets in this fun and unpredictable format that should give you that afternoon recharge.

Be sure to mark your schedule to attend this session:

Tuesday, May 23
3:00 - 4:00 p.m.

  • Internet of Things
    Kelsey Owens, Passport, Inc.
  • Maximizing your Parking Real Estate
    Rita Azrelyant, MA, Town of Greenwich
  • Preserve Your Pot Of Gold and Instantly Repair Damaged Pavement to Eliminate Closures and Decrease Extensive Damage
    Tom Singleton, Roklin Systems Inc.
  • Optimizing the Performance of Concrete Structures with Zinc-Coated Reinforcing Steel
    Shannon Pole, International Zinc Association
  • Demand-Responsive Pricing on the Cheap
    David Taxman, PE, DESMAN,  
  • The Many Reasons People Call — More Parking and Facilities Humor
    Vanessa Cummings, CAPP; Columbus State Community College
  • Parking — a Primary Platform for Commercializing the IoT
    Chris Reed, ProxiSmart Ltd


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