Track Education Sessions

Track Education Sessions

More than 40 education sessions will run concurrently over the four day IPI Conference & Expo ranging from finance and auditing to personal development.  Sessions are categorized into five tracks. 
To view the education schedule-at-a-glance, download our quick-view education grid or for a more detailed and comprehensive conference schedule including education sessions with full descriptions, objectives and speakers, download the full conference program here  

Tracks will include:

Finance & Auditing will demonstrate how key performance indicators (KPIs) can better help to define our industry and benchmark your program. Explore benefits of the negotiation process and project scope changes. Examine various financial models and scenarios.

Mobility & Alternative Transportation will analyze how on-demand technology such as Uber and Lyft has stunned the taxi industry, while simultaneously enjoying triple and quadruple growth in many cities. What effect will it have on parking? Learn about how a redevelopment led to an increase in revenue of more than 29 percent, greater turnover in parking spaces, access to visitor parking, and increased customer satisfaction for one city! Examine mobility shifts between campuses and communities at large.

Personal Development will offer insights into strategies to ensure you’re being your most effective self through managing "self-talk" and picking the words that best reflect your thoughts. Learn practical steps to use effective leadership skills that promote high levels of employee engagement and productivity. Discuss ways to recognize the onset of stress, the sources and causes of stress, and tools to avoid or process it and let it go for a productive outcome. 

Planning, Design, & Construction will highlight how to use a limited-cost data base on the maintenance and repair of parking structures including identifying trends of maintenance and repair costs throughout the service life of a structure (50 – 75 years!). Review considerations to evaluate and address short- and long-term parking planning to ensure an adaptive solution that will incorporate and integrate with the ongoing evolution of parking technology. Learn how to employ a collaborative planning, design, and construction effort. 

Technology & Innovation illustrates how recent advances in transportation technology provide actionable information to improve customer satisfaction and create operational efficiencies.  We hear and see the buzzwords: automated, self-driving, driverless, connected vehicles. Learn how the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT) is progressively reshaping parking thanks to an intelligent network of connected devices.  Do you collect a lot of data?  Learn how to benefit with the right benchmarking tools. 


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