Call for Presentations

2018 IPI Conference & Expo: Call for Presentations

The Call for Presentations has closed.  Thank you for your submission!  
For more information on selection notification and other speaker deadlines, please visit the speaker timeline. 

We invite skilled speakers and industry experts to submit presentations for consideration. With more than 3,500 attendees, we want you to be a part of the largest and highest attended parking conference in the world!

Presentation Topics


When developing the conference educational sessions, our goal is to provide a program that meets the varied educational needs of attendees, presented by talented speakers who represent the diversity of the industry.

IPI is organizing our education tracks this year as follows, however, presentations on topics outside of these themes will also be considered:

Theme/Track Topics Include:
 Moving Forward  Alternative Transportation & Mobility
 Creating Success  Operations & Finance
 Maximizing Skills and Developing Expertise  Personal & Staff Development
 Exploring Places and Structures  The Built Environment
 Driving Innovation  Technology & Trends

Proposals should provide attendees with:
  • New skills, capabilities, and behaviors to allow them to deliver successful parking programs.
  • Real-life examples or case studies that contribute to the advancement of the industry.
  • Cutting-edge technologies, trends, and insights into best practices that can be translated to operations and performance.
  • Leadership and customer service that demonstrate effective problem solving, communications, and engagement

Session Types

IPI is requesting presentations that appeal to all types of adult learners. To provide the best educational experience for participants, IPI is shifting our desired format away from traditional lecture-based education to more engaging, participant-based 60-minute education sessions.


  • Problem Solving - Speakers pose a problem and lead attendees through exercises to develop solutions.
  • Panel Presentation - Moderated discussion by no more than three panel members and one moderator with the a focus on outcomes and best practices.
  • Experimental/Case Study – Speakers review a case study and lessons learned.
  • Interactive/Innovative Presentation and Group Discussions

Before you submit your proposal, consider how to make your presentation highly engaging and interactive. Ideas on how to engage your participants include but are not limited to:

  • Include a 5-minute or less video clip(s) to engage audience participation regarding the topic.
  • Lead your audience through scenarios, graphics, stories or case studies.
  • Involve participants by asking questions, using exercises and even creating something as a take away.
  • Allow for 10 minutes of question and answer time at the end or build that time into your presentation.

Submission Process

Proposals will be accepted online only from August 15th to September 27, 2017, 7:00 pm EDT. During this time, you will be able to edit, modify, "save and continue" for later as many times as you like.  After this date (without exception) we will no longer accept new or modifications to existing submissions.  A link to the submission portal will be made available starting August 15th.

The submission process takes approximately 20-30 minutes. The individual(s) submitting the proposal must also be the individual(s) presenting.  Co-presenter(s) names and panelists must be identified during the submission process.  Substitutions of presenters and panelists will not be allowed after the close date. 

After you have successfully completed the process, you will receive an email from IPI confirming your submission. You can submit up to three (3) presentation proposals.

Evaluation Process

The selection process is highly competitive; all presentations undergo a blind peer review. Submissions will be evaluated using the following criteria:
  • Overall quality and written description of content.
  • Well-defined educational objectives that match the session description.
  • Relevancy of content to the parking profession.
  • Ability for the topic and delivery mode to engage participants.
  • Presentation skill and experience of the proposed presenter(s).
Note: The 2018 IPI Conference & Expo will provide the best educational content possible -- self-promotion and the promotion of specific products and services are expressly prohibited in the Speaker Agreement.  IPI provides a variety of sponsorship and sales opportunities throughout the conference, such as exhibit spaces and Learning Labs.  For more information on purchasing exhibit space or securing a time slot for one of our Learning Labs, click here. 

Speakers who violate the Self-Promotion Policy and IPI Speaker Agreement will not be permitted to present any education sessions at future IPI events.  If you have questions about specific content, or would like further guidance on these policies, please contact Kathleen Federici at

Acceptance Process

If your submission is accepted, a formal email invitation to participate will be sent to you on November 16, 2017 with the details of your assigned time/date.  You and any other co-presenters will be required to sign and return a copy of the IPI Speaker Agreement document no later than November 30, 2017. These tasks will be completed through the Speaker Service Center (SSC). A link to the SSC will be included in the invitation to accept email.

If you have difficulty with the online database submission process, please contact us at or 571.699.3011.

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