Track Education Sessions

Track Education Sessions

The IPI Conference & Expo is dedicated to creating an unparalleled learning experience for parking and mobility professionals. Innovative formats and engaging sessions allow attendees to align educational offerings to his or her personal objectives, interests, and experience.  Attendees will be able to curate a unique professional development experience, and challenge themselves to explore new topics, and find fun in the process!  Tracks include the following:


To view the education schedule-at-a-glance, download our quick-view education grid or for a more detailed and comprehensive conference schedule including education sessions with full descriptions, objectives and speakers, download the full conference program here.  

Creating Success

Operations & Finance

Driving Innovation

Technology & Trends

Exploring Places and Structures

The Built Environment

Maximizing Skills and Developing Expertise

Personal & Staff Development

Moving Forward

Alternative Transportation & Mobility

Creating Success (Operations & Finance):
This track will focus on the foundations of our business—how to manage and operate parking operations, amid rising complexity and changing modes of transportation. Develop a comprehensive technical and programmatic approach for a multi-layered plan to address parking demand. Walk through analytical parking scenario software that displays future needs and shortfalls based on historical trends and growth projections. Learn how to conduct a Garage Operations Assessment. Explore the financial effects that result from commitment to product quality and facility upkeep.

Driving Innovation (Technology & Trends):
This track will explore how parking, transportation, and mobility professionals can learn and excel as new technology transforms the industry and the built world. Sessions will discuss best practices for cross-functional team design, stakeholder agreement, and technical challenges, and highlight various case studies that address the challenges parking and mobility professionals now face. Take a deeper dive into how transportation and planning professionals can work together to develop a new way of doing business.

Exploring Places and Structures (The Built Environment):
This track will explore how planning, design, and construction of the built environmental shapes our communities, perspectives, and operations. Speakers in this track will explore the pivotal role of parking for corporations, planning, and operations with a focus on future innovation, as well as case studies that delve into redressing critical imbalances in demand versus supply in urbanized, advanced metropolitan areas.

Maximizing Skills and Developing Expertise (Personal & Staff Development):
This track will focus on the skills you need for personal and professional development, and continued success at any level. Sessions include concepts and tools customer service personnel can use to address challenging situations, how to support and preserve front-line employees from situations that encourage burnout and turnover and guidance and best practices for leaders to foster well-being and employee satisfaction.

Moving Forward (Alternative Transportation & Mobility):
This track was designed to offer parking professionals with the expertise they need to excel as parking, transportation, and mobility merge into one critical industry. Join practitioners from across the country who have researched the effects, measured the change, and will tackle many of your questions, including improving mobility with data and technology, improving fleet management, prioritizing parking for shared mobility services to reduce congestion, and fostering innovation in all forms of parking.


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