Pre-Conference Courses & Enhancement Workshops

Pre-Conference Courses & Conference Enhancement Workshops

If you're looking for in-depth, targeted professional development options, you can join one of the Pre-Conference Courses or add one or both of the Conference Enhancement Workshops to your registration for maximum education opportunities. The Pre-Conference Courses run concurrently with the conference program and allow for breaks from your classes to join General Sessions and have some time on the show floor, however, it is a separate program that enables participants to earn their CAPP designation.  Conference Enhancement Workshops are half-day workshops available on Sunday, June 3 to enhance the overall conference agenda.

= additional fees and/or separate registration required. In order to ensure maximum benefit for all participants, all courses are limited to 30 people or less.

Pre Conference Courses

UVA Business Management- FULL
3.5 Day Pre-Conference Course
Saturday, June 2- Tuesday, June 5
(registration to this course includes access to all conference related activities on Wednesday, June 6)
21 CAPP Points, 2.1 CEUs

Creating an environment for employees to generate success is a priority. Explore various management theories and their common themes. Study pathways and pitfalls of individual personality styles and examine the natural conflicts that can occur in communication among people with differing styles. Discuss the four leadership styles related to the Situational Leadership Model. Examine and discuss what makes a high-performance team. Recognize that every move the individual makes affects the group and final outcomes. Acknowledge that the challenge is for the team to make quality decisions while confronting everyday organizational problems.

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Beyond Operations & Maintenance: Building Blocks for Successful Parking Programs - FULL
3 Day Pre-Conference Course
Sunday, June 3 - Tuesday, June 5
(registration to this course includes access to all conference related activities on Wednesday, June 6)
17 CAPP Points, 1.7 CEUs

This three-day course offers information on facility design; both operational and maintenance considerations. Automation, life cycle design and cost analysis are explored.  Various aspects of the functional design of parking lots and structures will be introduced along with how they are impacted by the type of user.  Project management practices will be examined to factor in the variables and considerations of facility construction.  Establishing and maintaining business partner relationships and alliances will be highlighted and case studies reviewed. In addition, human resources are always required on projects so we will discuss the basic requirements of the FLSA and areas vulnerable to misinterpretation and noncompliance, including issues involving minimum wage and overtime, exempt employee classification, recordkeeping requirements, and independent contractor definitions.

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Conference Enhancement Workshops

Building Resilience for Business Continuity During Emergencies 
½ Day Conference Enhancement Workshop
Sunday, June 3; 8:30 am - 1:30 pm
4 CAPP Points, .04 CEUs

Understanding what it takes to maintain business operations in an emergency can seem overwhelming. During this course participants will learn how to create a business continuity plan by identifying key functions, personnel, and resources necessary for maintaining business operations. Once these pieces have been identified, participants will learn how to test continuity plans through the training and exercise cycle. Students will also learn how to identify key stakeholders and determine how those key stakeholders fit within the continuity planning process. As a capstone to the course, students will participate in a table top exercise. This exercise will allow students to apply newly acquired skills for practical application.

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APO Site Pre-Applicant Course
½ Day Conference Enhancement Workshop
Sunday, June 3; 12:30 pm - 5:30 pm
4 CAPP Points, .04 CEUs

Becoming an APO signifies an organization’s commitment to ongoing evaluation and improvement of program outcomes through the implementation of industry best practices. This workshop will cover fundamentals of the program, including an explanation of required criteria, best practices for submittals, and more. This course will also cover quality management and continuity of applying best practices to each site, determining evidence to satisfy the standard, and the role of an APO site reviewer. Participants receive a copy of The APO Manual for Applicants and the matrix, a planning tool for implementation. This four-hour course will prepare organizations for APO, and give attendees the next steps required to pursue accreditation.

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