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Mobile App- Let's get mobile!

Get Prepared Early & Connect with the IPMI Conference & Expo Community!

Our comprehensive app is designed to help you search, select, seek, and connect with your peers both before, during and long after the conference is over.

With the IPMI Conference & Expo mobile app, you can:

  • Search through the full agenda, from General Sessions, Education Sessions and Speakers galore!
  • Select and bookmark the sessions and events you want to attend, creating a personalized agenda that works for you.
  • Get real-time event updates, reminders and exclusive content.
  • Seek out specific Exhibitors based on your product/service interests and create yourself a customized floorplan for easy navigation on the expo hall floor.
  • Connect with peers, exhibitors, speakers, and others through the activity feed, survey’s or direct one-on-one messaging within the app.
  • Participate in surveys and share your feedback in real-time!

This year’s Official Conference Program Guide will be lighter than normal – that’s because we’ve moved a lot of the content over to the mobile app to make it easier for you. Experience the event to the fullest and start personalizing your experience today!

The mobile app is available from the Apple iTunes or Google Play stores by searching for “IPMI2019” or use the QR codes below.

When prompted, please allow notifications from the app. The app is password protected. After downloading, enter your email address and the password: Anaheim19IPMI (case sensitive).


Apple QR Code

Android QR Code


Logged in successfully? Great! Take a moment and fill in your profile, so that others can find out more about you and your experience. If you’re a speaker or exhibitor, this is a great opportunity to showcase your expertise and open up new avenues for networking and engagement.

Profile filled out? Now you have full access to all the tools you need to create your own conference experience! You can use the website and the app interchangeably, so any changes you make stay with your account. Start filling out your agenda and begin reaching out to your peers so you can stay connected!

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